Baby, it’s getting cold outside, and what better way to aide our frostbitten noses than a chat to a professional skin person? We’re talking to Lee Garrett, founder of The Garrett Clinic (an accredited Save Face clinic), accomplished skincare specialist and heralded by many as the UK’s leading Skin Guru. Read on to find out his insider tips for surviving this winter season with your skin looking as radiant as the moon that breaks a stormy night.

Having grown up in Dulwich, Lee knows how living in a city can take a rather polluted toll on your skin, so it’s no surprise he’s relocated to leafy Buckinghamshire with his partner and Giant Schnauzers in tow.

Lee Garrett standing in front of Garrett Clinic in 60 Harley Street

The oceanic air has proved fruitful for Lee too, being a mighty fan of sailing yachts, although he isn’t lucky enough to own one for himself quite yet. With all of this lovely skin care advice we’re sure Santa will bring you a yacht for Christmas – we’re rooting for you Lee. When he’s not busy sailing the high seas Lee enjoys exploring the islands (and club scene) of Ibiza and Mykonos, riding horses and trying new culinary delights with his partner. Perhaps he could push the boat out and sail to Mykonos on one of those giant yachts with a private chef. Ah we love a good boat joke.

Lee has had a particularly unusual pathway towards owning his own clinic in the aesthetic nursing industry, starting out as a roofer at 18 before moving into a 14 year long foray into hairdressing, to finally becoming the fabulous skin guru he now is. So Lee can mend your roof, fix your bouff and make your skin weatherproof. His proudest achievement thus far has been gaining his BSc in Adult Nursing, closely followed by being part of the steering committee for aesthetic nurses in the Royal College of Nursing.

Kerastase acne treatment under UV light for North Four Magazine

At The Garrett Clinic, Lee Garrett is the Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and offers all non-invasive skin treatments from Botox to skin resurfacing and skin care management. Lee has pioneered many treatments in the UK, from Broadband Light Therapy to a specialist use of dermal filler that applies face codes to beautification.

Read on for his top 4 tips for protecting your skin against London winter season.

1. Repair your skin after all that partying and we don’t mean with a bacon sandwich and a Bloody Mary
Use products that contain ceramides; these are the main ingredients that will help rehydrate your skin. Tebiskin Cera-Boost has 9 ceramides, which is great for dehydrated and dry or cracked skin. Tebiskin also has a great range of skincare for acne sufferers called the OSK range. ZO Daily Power Defence is also a remarkable product that has all you need to repair your skin and is great all year round.

face scanner close up in Garrett clinic

2. Prevention is better than cure – wear SPF even when it’s frostier than your boyfriend’s mum
Use an SPF even when the sun isn’t shining, it’s still important to apply and protect from the cold wind. Heliocare SPF is a clever sunscreen made form a fern found in very sunny climates – great for wearing every day as it’s non-greasy and works well as a foundation. Obagi Sun Shield is another great SPF product, which is a psychical sunblock in a range of cool and warm shades of colour.

3. Keep it clean and hydrate (and mulled wine doesn’t count as hydration)
Make sure to cleanse your skin with water and a soapy cleanser to remove your makeup. Cleansers also help to remove the dead skin cells and make room for new ones to form. It is essential to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily. It can be difficult in the winter but it is very important, as Hyaluronic acid is found within our skin at 50% and has an affinity for water, which is needed to hydrate us.

Lee Garrett on a white staircase

 4. Treat yourself to a Christmas present
Wintertime is a good opportunity to have light therapy on your skin. LED lights will help to recharge the mitochondria in your skin – these are like little batteries and recharge cell life. To take it a step further, have Broadband Light Therapy. I would also consider having a course of hyaluronic acid injected into your skin as this is the best way to get it there, unfortunately there is no point in drinking hyaluronic acid as it does not reach your skin. For home treatments, I would recommend good quality face masks with hyaluronic acid for temporary rehydration. For a quick fix, purchase a cheap cream to moisturise your skin. For a longer-term approach, I would recommend a skin consult. You only have one skin, after all.

We’d highly recommend Lee who has tended to many a famous face and is an incredibly lovely guy – plus you only need one look at his skin to realise that he knows what he’s talking about.

Visit The Garrett Clinic for more information here.