About us

Not just another area guide…

A magazine for Inner North London with a focus on culture + creativity + lifestyle.

North Four is an independent, local journal documenting the artists, events, projects, businesses and personalities that define Inner North London. An editorial-meets-visual concept, the publication is beautifully designed with an abundance of personality. Our homegrown, area relevant editorial is cheeky and doesn’t take itself too seriously but always promotes positivity. A laidback, sunny disposition that’s brimming over with creativity. Sort of like North London then. Funny that.

North Four: our name is both a nod towards the postcode that the magazine was born in and a reference to the four Inner North London boroughs that we serve: Islington, Haringey, Camden and Hackney.

The North Four Team:

North Four magazine is produced by the team behind The Barefaced Movement, a design studio and communications collective based in Finsbury Park, Inner North London.

Creative Director
Claire Holly Davies

Staff Writer
Sophie Taylor

Art Director
Joshua Harris

Web Designer & Developer
Tom Williams

Staff Photographer
Michael Barry

Team Assistant
Rebecca Scott

Violet Myers
Tavia Davies
Anthoula Drummond
Harry Corton
Victoria Highfield